85W MagSafe 2010 MBP 15" stopped charging randomly??

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dsprimal, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Mar 27, 2010
    Hey all, just moments ago i plugged in my mbp and literally 1 minute or so later i hear a static fuzz sound (hard to describe) but if i had to give a similar sound it was exactly like the sound your radio alarm clock makes sometimes when your cell phone is nearby receiving an incoming call or text w/e, your alarm clock sometimes makes that sudden static fuzz sound.

    well my mbp made that sound, wasn't as distorted as an radio alarm clock would make, but it sounded more precise. the sound came out of the left speaker for a second or so (no music or movie or any program with sound effects were active at this moment) i believe right where the magsafe is hooked into. and i was like "what the heck was that?? and was it from my mbp??" so i looked at the magsafe and sure enough the orange charging light was out as if it was unplugged (but it was still plugged IN) so i unhooked it then rehooked it and now it charged like normal again, still hasn't done it again while i started this thread.

    any thoughts?? additional info i have to add is, i was swapping out the extension pieces from the smaller cord adapter, to the full 8 foot or so cord one. but when i switched out the small single piece i tugged in the opposite direction, i pulled up against the metal circle joint, instead of sliding left to unhooked the metal circle thing (w/e u call it). i felt the piece and its in full contact, i didn't loosen it or anything. could this be the random cause?

    lastly, that static noise i heard that ended up causing the magsafe to stop charging. could that static noise damage my speakers?

    additional info i also had my cell phone like 8 inches away from the magsafe. could the cell phone have the same static frequency or w/e that can interfere with the magnet/charging cycle?? i didn't receive any calls or texts when it happened. so i dunno if cell phones have frequencies constantly that could possibly cause my issue without having the receive incoming calls or texts etc.

    thanks for your time reading all of this. i didn't proof read the above statement so if something sounds off, ask and ill give further details if needed.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    The magsafe adapter (like most laptop power supplies) sends Direct Current (DC) power to the laptop using 120V 60hz (in the states) Alternating Current (AC) as an input. There isn't a "frequency" to speak of on the small cord which attaches to the macbook.

    I do know that the T-shaped magsafe adapters have a design flaw where the current carrying wires inside the small wire from the power supply to the laptop will become frayed and broken as stress is placed on the cord. This can cause the light to extinguish and the laptop to stop charging intermittently.

    I have no idea what that static noise is.

    I would suggest that you take it into the apple store to have them look at it, but I took in my busted charger and they basically told me they wouldn't replace it unless it looked like a fire hazard. Your machine is within warranty, so you'll get a better deal than me, but the basic process is stupid.

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