8600 Refuses to Boot - "Map inconsistent with operation"

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dpaanlka, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Nov 16, 2004
    This is one for the old timers...

    I recently re-built an 8600/200 from a bunch of parts lying around, including a 10gb hard drive, a SCSI ribbon from another machine, and various RAM and other stuff. The 8600 has two SCSI busses on the motherboard, I assume one is for hard drives and one is for opticals but I can't be sure. The bus that the hard drives were originally attached to no longer seemed to be working, as my drives wouldn't be recognized when I booted from a CD-ROM. So I just attached both the hard drive and the CD-ROM drive to the same ribbon on the second SCSI bus.

    Twice now, this month, it has crashed while doing something trivial, and after restarting, refused to boot. It shows the classic Mac icon for a second, as if it has found a working system folder, but then it turns back into a blinking question floppy, as if it changed it's mind.

    Booting from a Mac OS CD, I browsed through the System Folder to try and determine why it wouldn't boot. I can still see all the files on the hard drive just fine. I just noticed, however, that whenever I try to open the System suitcase inside the System Folder (which normally should be open-able) I get an Error -199 "map inconsistent with operation" error.

    What might be going on here? Is this a drive issue? Possibly with my bus arrangement? Or might this just be a drive failure? Or even worse, a motherboard failure?
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    Sounds like the motherboard battery is dead. That can cause all kinds of weird boot issues.

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