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    Nov 12, 2012

    Although the title suggest it's 8-Bit, it's actually more of mixture of pseudo 8/16 bit style and chiptunes. The main inspiration has been the c64 version of Giana Sisters, mixed with elements from Rainbow Island, New Zealand Story, Rick Dangerous, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Super Mario Bros 3 and many more. The game is filled with little references here and there. The main goal has been to keep it a straight classic scrolling platformer though, with intuitive controls and depth to the gameplay. The kind of game that is almost impossible to find on PC today. And that's why I have always dreamed of making such a game.

    Please help me get this on Steam. Vote for me here:

    The game is released the 1st of December for both Mac and PC.
    Demo will be available 1. December or sooner for Mac.

    Thanks all MacRumors forum members!

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