8gb iphone white screen and frozen.

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    Dec 2, 2011
    greetings folks, first time poster, long time reader.

    an acquaintance of my wife's asked me today if i know anything about how to fix iphones, and being that i've dabbled moderately on the jailbreaking end and a cant resist a project, i told her yes figuring this would be no more than a simple issue. (oddly enough, before she came to me she was just about to just throw it in the trash)
    seems it was an issue as described as a simple white screen after taking a fall. with a little change from other items posted i had read about, it was completely unresponsive to to the sleep button or home button. it simply showed a white screen until it ran out of battery. the screen returned back on (and as white and unresponsive as before) when plugged into a charger/usb cable. and to make matters worse, my pc and itunes do not even recognize it's been plugged in.

    being that i was having such little luck i returned the device to it's owner, only to her just attemping to throw it away, so i said, hey, worst comes to worst i can either finally fix it or turn the silly thing into a flash drive or perhaps macaroni art.

    when i returned home with the device. i took it to the next level. HARDWARE!

    i followed instructions posted here:

    now may i stress i to this very moment am not sure which version i currently have in hand (3g or 3gs, i just assume 3gs cuz the rest of the world would have updated by now, right?)

    after following instructions, i didnt find connector one disconnected but removed and replaced just to be sure. i didnt see anything else out of place either. *note i can post pics if needed*

    after reassembling the device i found that the white screen was gone. but was replaced with nothing. still unresponsive.

    now i say all that to ask, is there perhaps something else i may have missed before i take an hour long drive to the apple store for a diagnosis?

    i appreciate all replies and feedback and thank you kindly for you time.
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Use better grammar next time ;)
    No just go to the Apple Store and have them check it!
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