9% Battery lost in 8 hours sleeping? MBA 11.6"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sikkinixx, Dec 21, 2010.

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    So my Macbook Air 11" was plugged in all night, was using it this morning plugged in. Battery was at 100%. Unplugged it but left it closed all day (7am to 4pm)opened up up and battery indicator says 9% is gone and it's busy charging away now. I have noticed this over a few days now.

    Thats a little harsh no? It's supposed to last 30 days or whatever when its sleeping but it won't last a week at this rate.
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    I think there are two different sleep modes, one which will draw power (and can charge my phone overnight while in sleep mode) and one that's more powered down and is similar to hibernation, and takes a couple seconds to fully awaken.
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    True, but when the Air is not plugged in, it is supposed to go into deep sleep. Usually, overnight it will lose only about 1-2%, not 9%. I wonder if there is some application running in the background that is preventing the MacBook Air from going into deep sleep. I'd try restarting the computer and seeing if that helps the battery drain.

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