94% Satisafaction Rate!

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by papbot, Jul 22, 2016.

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    I didn't participate, but it still mostly aligns with what I think about the AW, including whether I'd recommend it or not (although I pretty much dismiss the idea of waiting a hardware upgrade, and would mention the watchOS 3 upgrade instead).

    Here's the Wristly post that Computer World was reading:

    Speaking of the 94% satisfaction rate, I'll suggest that current AW owners are a self-selecting bunch. Most are already regular wristwatch wearers (my own poll says two-thirds regularly wore watches before the AW), they're likely to be early adopters (and willing to put up with some shortcomings), and they also aren't expecting it to be a super-device like an iPhone clone or a solar-radio-synced G-Shock.
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    When I saw how improved the functions were with the upcoming software I knew I wouldn't care whether there was a new model or not. Maybe in a few more years I'll be interested but for now this is(will be) perfect for me.
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    There is now no reason where I'd want to upgrade besides aesthetic reasons, to have a second watch to change into. It's just about 95% complete to me now.

    The only thing we are missing is 3rd party watch faces, and I completely believe we will get that or Apple will release a large quantity.

    If they will do limited edition watch bands for gay pride and now the Rio Olympic Games, just like that, I believe they can and will do this.

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