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    Sep 4, 2011
    I was recently viewing Uncyclopedia (what can I say... it was a slow night) and I was on the Morse Code page.... after decoding the page (and in some sections it was tripled encoded into Morse Code) I came across one translation...
    Instantly I assumed it was hexadecimal so I put it through a hex to ASCII converter which yielded this:
    Utterly confused I decided to do a search for 9F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0
    and what came up surprised me. There were 11 results. Now I'm not a mathematician, but to me it seems improbable that 31 digits could just be randomly assigned like that. I also realized that all of these pages use the number as if it were a noun, but none of them referenced what it meant. Only one of them was in English... I believe the rest were German or Russian. Either way I'd like to see if anyone could get to the bottom of this... it just baffles me.

    Original Morse Code:
    ----. ..-. ----. .---- .---- ----- ..--- ----. -.. --... ....- . ...-- ..... -... -.. ---.. ....- .---- ..... -.... -.-. ..... -.... ...-- ..... -.... ---.. ---.. -.-. -----
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    Nov 28, 2010
    What I found out on zeitrafferin, is that that number is the key to decrypt Blu Rays and HD-DVDs, for applications, signed by the consortium, to play those back properly, a number which should not have been publicised and was taken down from as many sites as they could. But since that number has been publicised almost five years ago, the key has been changed.
    And since Blu Ray decryption software is still existing, for ripping and such, it doesn't really matter, as it seems.

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