9L0-422: OS X Support Essentials 10.10 Exam available online to public?

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    So I went to https://wsr.pearsonvue.com/ signed in and was able to get this far without going to a AATC.

    The $250 is the same at AATCs too. Once I check out here at https://wsr.pearsonvue.com/ can I just take the exam?

    I'm asking because on all the Apple pages it says you need to take it at an AATC but I'm just at home here and it looks like I can buy the exam.

    Any advice? Thanks

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    To me if it is like other certifications sold what they are selling is buying a ticket to go to a local center and take the exam. :apple:
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    Yeah you can purchase on Pearsonvue anywhere and it gets you a reg ID that you can take with you anywhere. But as it turns out the system isn't as smooth as that.

    I was told by Pearson that I could purchase in another country and use that reg ID. But the woman at the Shanghai AATC told me that many people have tried to do that and when they came to Shanghai it didn't work so they ended up having to return the product (exam) on Pearson while in the AATC then re-purchase.

    There are also exchange rate issues too they said so even if the reg ID did work properly you'd possibly still have to pay the difference. So I might as well just buy everything in China.

    I'm taking the exam in Shanghai so I will buy on Pearson China.

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