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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Takuro, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Takuro macrumors 6502


    Jun 15, 2009
    I know it could be a little taboo to mention a MacRumor's competitor, but ironically, this particular competitor doesn't really give any good places to voice feedback. I've noticed lately in my Mac's RSS reeder that there have been no less than 20 (!!!) articles per day from 9to5Mac as of late, even though the January - March time period is pretty dead for Apple related news. I've noticed their staff are now aggregating much smaller articles that other major outlets like MacRumors would not bother to mention, such as very minor changes to policies in App Stores in foreign countries that have no immediate impact to most of their user base, articles mentioning that some obscure app has launched (possibly sponsored content?), product reviews on relatively obscure Mac or even non-Mac hardware that don't seem that amazing but which get stellar reviews (again, sponsored content?), and an announcement every time a relatively small vendor creates a home kit enabled device.

    What's perhaps most annoying however is that even though the next iPhone is at least 9 months away from launch, they've began on onslaught of "this is our closest look at the iPhone 8" clickbait articles pretty much as soon as the iPhone 7 came out last year. I know other sites and MacRumors cover similar topics, but 9to5Mac seems to create specifically deceptive article titles. They will feature the most mundane and ill conceived photoshop job or rough drawing hailing it as a definitive look at what the phone will be.

    It was on one of these iPhone 8 articles where I finally lost what little respect I had for the site. Almost all the comments were bashing the staff for their practices and misleading style of writing. I voiced some of my above concerns about the quantity vs quality of their content as of late, and tried to be respectful with no personally aimed attacks or foul language. I ended up getting perma-banned from their commenting system, and mine and most of the other commenter's posts were swiftly removed.

    Does anybody else feel the same way? I'm considering removing their site from my RSS reeder entirely at this point out of how frustrating its become, and they don't seem very willing to take any sort of critical feedback.

  2. maxjohnson2 macrumors regular

    Mar 24, 2017
    Well I just recently started using iPhone seriously so I was looking at different Apple news site. I ended up here. I read a few 9to5Mac articles but I see in the comments there were mostly bickering and personal insults so I didn't bookmark it and don't plan to come back.
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    Occasionally they will post an interesting how to article, but I generally ignore comments on other sites anyway. If they can't take constructive critical feedback, well that is not a help to their readers or themselves. Clickbait is a common thing to get readers looking in.

    If you think 9to5Mac is bad, take a gander at 9to5Google (much, much worse as far as bickering, clickbait and complaints in the articles). :p

    An unfortunate reality is that the internet feeds upon negativity. I see it in every forum I've participated in and every news site visited. Macrumors is the best Apple news site and they can take criticism. Appleinsider is pretty good too.

    At least there is choice for Mac users and readers. I visit macrumors every day and appreciate their news and these forums. It is nice we have choice and hopefully we can talk about good things again too.

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