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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MBiPod, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Mar 2, 2010
    Two weeks into my conversion from a Palm to an iPod Touch and I am loving life. I never realized how much more I could do with an open, Web based device with thousands of apps, unlimited support via unlimied users who have previously researched and posted every question, snafu or the like that I have run into. I am a happy iPod Touch customer.

    With one not so minor exception -- the Calendar app. Specifically, the three standard views (List, Day, Month) that are available on the iPod Touch's Calendar application.

    One of the major albeit basic needs that I had to address in converting from Palm to iPod Touch was the ability to not only handle the big three Palm apps on a device (calendar, contacts and to do list) but to have some sort of desktop application to both sync to and access via computer as needed. Palm and the Palm Desktop did this without issue, I had to come up with several different solutions on the iPod Touch front to cover this.

    For the to do list, I went with ToodleDo, which is awesome, better in many respects than Palm ever was. Contacts was simple to, I transferred my contacts from Palm to Outlook via Chapura's Pocket Mirror application, then synched Outlook with iPod Touch's Contacts app via iTunes. A couple of snafus and reformatting but everything is now fine.

    Like Contacts, I sync the iPod Touch's Calendar off of Outlook's Calendar via iTunes. All of the information is there and then some, more robust than Palm ever was. However, the view that I get on the iPod Touch of my calendar, via any of the three standard views availabe (again List, Day and Month) are far inferior to what I got on a Palm device.

    To make it even more simple and therefore that much more ridiculous, the dinosaur era Palm provided more data in a single ugly view than the iPod's Calendar can today.

    Here is a screenshot of a really old Palm Calendar view, even older than mine:


    You can see a full day in one glance. You could even customize it to show more than a standard business day, in once glance. So as you toggle from day to day, you can literally see everything at one shot, day to day. It was silly basic and again very unimpressive, but it did the trick.

    I've tried just about everything at this point, including another iPod Touch calendar app or two that synch back to Outlook and/or Google's Calendar application, but none of them give that comprehensive daily view like Palm did.

    What am I missing here? Has anyone been able to tweak the iPod Touch's Calendar app so that you can see a full view in one day without scrolling all over the place? Is there another app out there that I've missed that gives you that view, which can sync to either Outlook or Google Calendar?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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