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Nov 25, 2001
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I've been looking around (since the keynote) for a good, cheap, reliable email service and i think i found a great deal... I'd advise waiting about a month, as I think that Apple may announce a .mac lite plan or .mac email only plan in the next month (once they've got most of their .mac revenue for the next year in). But make sure you check out FASTMAIL. Seems like a better deal -- for $14.95 you get an email account with POP + IMAP, No ads, no taglines and 16MB mailbox for ever!!!

What do you guys think?


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Apr 20, 2002
Milwaukee, WI
Originally posted by Ensign Paris
I am lucky because my mail is part of my hosting deal, anyone who wants a free @brooklineuk.com account is free to have one, just let me know:
Yes, having your own domain is a wondrous thing. Unlimited e-mail accounts, basically. I have several "personal" domains, one of which is properly hosted (awrc.com) and the rest of which are self-hosted e-mail only domains, sitting on a little Linux box running qmail.

I've only given up one domain to date - I used to have awrc.com, .net and .org, but ended up swapping awrc.org with the Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for a couple of coffee mugs and a bumper sticker. I figured a charity had better claim to the name than my vanity, and the thought of all those people giving up their time to help those poor wild animals get off drugs and alcohol and start to lead normal lives...

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