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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by caubeck, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Nov 2, 2007
    I've made several threads on notepad apps, including one on 18 apps I had on the iPad all at once. At the time I was impressed with WhiteNote but it's a bit slow and constantly in need of delousing, which gets annoying. However, today I've discovered an excellent app that does everything I need. It's called "Underscore Notify" in the App Store - a clumsy name, but then the developer refers to it as Notify.

    It's just 79 (euro) cents, and here's the description:

    Notify is a tool to take notes and make annotations.

    If you want to easily take notes using your iPad or iPhone look no further. Regardless of if you just want to quickly scribble a note or want to read a large document (Imported from PDF or a web page) while scribbling notes on it this application is for you!

    Notify has an intuitive interface for working with many kinds of data to keep simple things fast and easy while more complex tasks are still possible.

    Insert PDFs, texts, images, web clippings or maps and start taking notes on them. Inserted files can come from the web, iTunes document integration or DropBox.
    No limits! Infinitely large note page size and unlimited number of pages. Zoom in or out and pan around using intuitive multi touch gestures. Also has unlimited levels of undo and redo.
    Built in OCR to convert images of books or web clippings to text (Unfortunately works poorly on hand writing).
    Add text annotations including most mathematical symbols by special keyboard extensions. Also supports numbered or unnumbered automatic bulleting when entering text and allows specifying the justification of text blocks.
    Insert objects or web clippings by browsing to them with an integrated browser that supports Google suggestions and also has built in support for quickly searching Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers.
    Export result as PDF, image or native format using mail or DropBox.
    Open PDF or native format straight from mail (iOS 3.2 or later).
    Record & play back audio clips to accompany your notes.
    Built in calculator and translator for text and PDF documents.
    Support video out on iPad to show your notes and documents on a bigger screen as you are editing them.
    Draw lines, rectangles and circles by intuitive multi touch gestures.
    Quick preview of changing pages to allow you to quickly navigate documents that are hundreds of pages long.
    Full text search of notes including contents of embedded PDF documents and texts.
    Full formatting options for pen color, shape, fill color, text font and size. Also includes history of preferred formats.
    Unified binary support both iPad and iPhone while taking advantages of the strengths of both platforms.
    Automatically detects and ignores wrist touches if you want to rest your hand on the tablet while writing.
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    Aug 15, 2007
    Great. ANOTHER notes app to try... I've been using Note Taker HD, but it sounds like this might be worth a look.

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