A better user experience for an iCloud restore during a new iPhone setup

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    Today I purchased a new iPhone 6. During Setup Assistant, I chose "Restore from iCloud backup". Because my last backup was iOS 8.4.1, and the iOS on the new iPhone 6 that I purchased was iOS 8.3, my backups were greyed out.

    The rep told me that I should skip through all of the steps in Setup Assistant, update the new iPhone, then erase and restore the iPhone, and then re-set it up.

    Wouldn't it be easier and a better user experience, if instead, the user was prompted with an "Update and Restore" option in Setup Assistant during the iCloud restore screen? This would allow the iPhone to update and restore in one seamless page, thus preventing these extra steps.
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    Think you have that backwards...iOS 8.4.1 would have been on iPhone 6 ....not 8.3

    I think u mean if backup was only 8.3, then the backup would be too old and it would appear greyed out.

    Not everyone would want to reset iphone just to do an update, If the phones gonna have issues anyway, it will have issues regardless when the user must update either in Settings, or in in Setup... doesn't matter when u notify the user.

    Plus, in Setup, u must wait for any updates.... at least with software update in settings, u can still use your phone while something is downloading.

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