A Better Way to Sync Audio books in iTunes

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by yustas, May 25, 2012.

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    My iPhone is getting full because I have a lot of audio books in iTunes. I have been using "Sync All Audio Books" setting, so it has been syncing all book in Library/Books. When I noticed that the drive is getting full, I went to Library/Books and unchecked many audio books thinking that during the next sync it will delete unchecked audi books from the iPhone, but it does not do that. I need to manually select which audio books I want to sync, which is a pain. So what does unchecking do in Library/Books?

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    1. In "Devices" section (in the sidebar) click on your iPhone
    2. Go to "Books" tab
    3. Scroll down and make sure "Sync Audiobooks" is checked.
    4. Select "Selected Audiobooks" instead of "All Audiobooks"
    5. Click "Apply"

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    Thank you for the detail answer. I have been doing that, the problem is that the book selected in Library/Books do not match selected audio books in Devices/Books/Sync Selected Audio Books. I have a lot of audi books, so I had to manually check which audi books I want to be synced. Why don't they match?
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    Checking (or un-checking) the audiobooks (as described above) works for me. But my solution for limited space and many audiobooks is a create a playlist of just the books that I want on my iPhone. I manually maintain the playlist (removing the books as I listen to them, and adding ones that I think I may want to listen to soon). And then I just sync that playlist on the books tab. I don't check any of the audiobooks themselves (way to much work).

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