A bigger hard drive or storage?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Smallville, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I bought the first bare-bones MacBook because it was all I could afford, and now the storage capacity, 80GB, is nearly gone. I have a small, 100GB external drive that I'm using as the Time Machine disc.

    I looked into reformatting the external drive simply to back up files I don't need on my laptop. Unfortunately, going through all of my files this weekend, I've realized that I really need everything that's on there.

    So it seems I need a larger internal hard drive. What brand/physical size/type do I need? I'm looking to at least double the disc space or go for 200GB if one is made that large for a laptop. Is it difficult to do the replacement myself or should I have someone do it for me?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or information.
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    Replacing the harddrive on the macbooks is a very simple process

    Apple instructions here (link to a pdf)

    You will need to look for a 2.5" SATA Harddrive and IIRC the biggest at the moment is 320GBs.
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    Here is a good tutorial for upgrading your HD. The part about using SuperDuper can be substituted with Carbon Copy Cloner if need be because SuperDuper at this time is not fully compatible with Leopard. I'm not familiar with Carbon Copy because I've never used it but it has a good reputation.

    Your 100GB external can be used for this operation but you may need a larger one eventually for Time Machine as it should be at least as big as your internal drive.

    - GDF

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