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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CJRhoades, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Well, before you read this, I would like to say that this story is completely true.

    With that said, this is a story of my friend and his experiences with apple and their iPod. First of all, my friend has owned the same exact 1st Gen. iPod shuffle (512 MB) since 1 week after apple originally released them. I've been persuading him to get a new one for a few years now so for Christmas this year, he asked his wife for an iPod and she bought him a new 8GB iPod nano.

    Not 30 seconds after he opens it up, he drops it on the tile floor and breaks the screen (go figure). So the next day, he sends it in to apple and they agree to replace his screen.

    He gets a package back in the mail 2 weeks later. He opens it up and guess what.... it's not his iPod!!! It's a 4GB iPod nano that wasn't even the same color as the one he sent in.

    So, he has a good long talk with apple on the phone and it turns out, they had messed up the shipping and sent his iPod to the person who should have gotten the 4GB nano. They tell him that he should send the 4GB nano back into them and they will contact the other person and have them send in his 8GB nano.

    He sends it in and doesn't hear back from apple for a week so he calls in again. They tell him that the other person has not yet responded to their calls and that he should just be patient. Another week later, apple has still not called. He called them again and just asked them to send him a new iPod. But, apple said they could not do this and they he should just be more patient.

    He waited another 2 weeks before he ever got his iPod back again. I know that this is rare and probably happens once in a *use your imagination* cases. Just thought I'd share what he went through. Comments are welcome.
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    He said he'd never buy another apple product again.
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    Very strange of Apple to make a shipping mistake, but even more strange for them to request the "upgraded" unit back from the other user. If it's their mistake, they should eat the costs.

    Personally, I'm surprised either party agreed.
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    I'm astonished they got the upgrade back from the other person at all. I know that if I got it I would probably play dumb :D

    But seriously, this seems like a pretty major oversight. Any major company wouldn't just "wait for the other guy", they would send him a new one and just put the other one back into their refurb lines. Wouldn't that accomplish the exact same thing, but faster?
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    That's very odd.
    In just the past two months Apple sent me a new MBP before they even got a shipping confirmation on the first one, and did the same with a printer, both items shipped overnight.
    That said, it depends on who you talk to. The first person said I should send my brand new DOB MBP in for repair, while the first contact with the printer said I should call Canon.
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    I think your friend is lucky that Apple agreed to replace the iPod he broke.

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