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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TSE, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. TSE macrumors 68030

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    Hi I am 16 and have been looking absolutely everywhere for a job since I want to do foreign exchange next year and half to pay for it. So far I have 1500 dollars of the 10,000 dollars I will need to pay to go there and buy stuff, etc.

    My dad is an IT specialist and wants me to get a job that isn't just for the money but also going to look good on resumes and told me to get my A+ certification since I already know a lot about computers, operating systems, hardware, all that fun stuff. He then tells me maybe I can start my own small business fixing and helping people migrate to Windows 7 when it is released, business he says for computer helpers always booms when a new Windows operating system comes. So I printed out all the fun A+ stuff from the website, and am studying that right now, but all it does is give situations I need to know in order to be A+ certified, it doesn't tell me how to exactly do them. So how am I supposed to study for this stuff?

    Thanks a million MacRumors! :D
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    Your best bet will be to buy a couple books that explain everything, they will go into detail.
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    This test is easy... If you can build a computer, and know a decent bit about computers. You should be able to pass this test with flying colors, while drunk.

    The only hard part, is on the old portions, about older computers, way before I even used computers. But just get a book and read over it and study the odd parts.
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    Jun 25, 2007
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Can you guys recommend me some books that I could order from say... Amazon? :)

    Thanks for help thus far.
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    An A+ is only important for one reason. An interviewer or resume screener can be taught to look for those two characters. That gets you another 20 seconds of review. Without it, the resume will most likely end up in the trash since a zillion other people have it.

    Windows 7 is an interesting idea. If you really want to go nuts, AFTER the A+, get the Vista cert. Being able to say that you're Microsoft Certified in the OS it's most similar to will help in that process since the actual Win7 cert will be a little while in coming most likely.

    I have no materials recommendations for the A+, I took it before Windows 95 was on the test. :D

    For your business idea, my recommendations:
    1. Get a CD with Malwarebytes on it. Not a flash drive, a CD.

    2. Use it. There's no reason to try to migrate a hosed system.

    3. Back up their system before hand with an imaging utility so that you can't access the data, have the customer set a password that you don't know. That way you can safely store the image for a month in case they hate Win7 with a passion and just want to go back to where they were.

    4. Make sure they have Windows 7 compatible anti-virus software and drivers for their printer and such before the move. Nothing like finding out 2 hours later that you just did a lot of work for free because their stuff doesn't work.

    5. In writing, make sure they understand that they're not entitled to 3 years of free tech support / instruction on Win7 just because you helped them install it.
  6. sigo macrumors newbie

    May 27, 2009
    I am not A+ certified but been in IT field about 12 years, and MCSE certified (on the NT side), what I can tell you is play with the hardware, know what is what, and then go over the books. I was thinking about getting A+ certs but decided since I had so many years of experiences, time to step up to the management level, good luck!:)
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    Absolutely do the A+ certification. As you have zero experience anything that makes your CV standout that little more than other is worth while.

    And as Decripet get your Vista MCITP too and if you can afford the exam too get the Windows 7 certification as soon as you can. Would be worth checking to see if second shot is still on with Prometric.

    If you send me a PM I'll sort you out a voucher code for Prometric, I think they are offering 15-20% off the exams at the moment.
  8. atwell macrumors newbie

    Aug 3, 2009
    From what I've seen, certifications of any type never hurt your job chances. Around here, they value MS and Cisco certifications more than anything else. I got an A+ and MCSE before breaking into the industry, and I can say that they certainly helped me get my first job. There are several good ways to study for the A+ exams - books, software, and classroom training will all help you get certified. One advice would be whether you’re just starting your IT career or figuring out the next direction yours should take, it’s important to get a read on or IT training on where the industry is headed so you’ll know which skills and certifications are good and which ones aren’t worth your time.

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