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Mar 19, 2011
Toronto, Canada
When I would set the alarm on my Nexus S, it would tell me, for example: "Your alarm is set for 7 hours and 48 minutes from now". This was very useful, as I would sometimes accidentally set the alarm to PM rather than AM, though I would catch it because the phone would tell me "Your alarm is set for 1 day and 8 hours from now".

I can't seem to find an equivalent feature on my 4S. Are there any apps that would allow for similar functionality?


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May 6, 2008
why dont you just ask SIRI..

when is my alarm set to go off tomoror siri!?


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May 23, 2012
I'm on android now and I just find the feature amusing. Nothing more. I can do the simple math in my head. - wake up at 6am - go to bed at midnight - 12-6= 6 hours of sleep.
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