a conversion ?, KB's to GB's baffeling me

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Soura2112, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Jun 26, 2008
    This baffles me in terms of GB's.
    I imported a legal DVD to burn off Mactheripper in GB that was 2.7. turning it into a VT file. I then used cinimitize 2.0 making them 3 files, 2 .mov files and 1 audio files. Turns out each segment at 40KB's, 30 segments in all. Then I import the .Mov files to Final Cut Express and when I convert the whole 2hr and 40 min movie out to a "quicktime file". After that I open up the new Final Cut Quicktime .Mov turns out to be 38GB's.
    I am turning it into hopefully a 30 min film, but I do not understand the math at all, and I simply dont get how a 2.4GB DVD turns into a 38GB Quicktime movie. If some could explain what causes this it would be much appreciated! And thankful. If anyone knows a step around whats causing this it would be amazing!
    Thanks so much
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    DVD have a much higher rate of compression, ie 2hr = around 4GB, DV file that it gets converted into are around 13GB per hour

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