A couple iTunes match questions before I decide to buy or not.

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    Jun 2, 2009
    1. For the one year subscription, can I scan multiple times? I have about 20gb of songs from old CDs (music clubs in college) and some purchased in iTunes stuff since. Total, I have 27gb library. I have a whole bunch of CDs acquired by marriage not in the library because it's the wife's music and I just don't really want to. A lot of our stuff carried over, and her favorites were in her car, so they're in, but I don't need Boyz to Men CDs clogging up my iTunes. So my question: can I buy now, see how well it works, and if it ends up worth it (or if she gets her way) and add those other CDs later, can I rescan during the year?

    2. For those songs that are unmatched and uploaded, do I have a choice to upload them or not? Individually or is it an all or nothing situation?

    3. Currently I have only one computer which has iTunes and the library of media from which we sync. My wife's MacBook utilyzes home sharing but doesn't have any files on it. If it is signed in under the same Apple ID, will those songs that have been matched be available for download individually or all or nothing? I also have plans to get a new MacMini (to replace the current one which has the iTunes library); can I download the entire library to it after I set up and sign in- if it's within that year of course?

  2. tharris0101 macrumors member

    Apr 15, 2010
    1. Yes, you can can scan as much as you want.

    2. They all upload. You can delete them from Match after they upload, but I'm not sure they wouldn't reupload the next time it scanned. Haven't tested this for sure yet.

    3. Any computer synced to your Apple ID has the ability to download any song you want, even if its just one song or all of them. Your wife's computer will see all of the songs, but she can just download the ones she wants or even just stream them if she wants. And you can download the entire library to your Mac Mini if you wanted to.
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