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    Hi folks,

    Just thought I would drop a couple of new apps off here and see what you all thought.

    First is Bleached Surf Magazine:


    Bleached Surf Magazine,is a high rez, stripped down editorial beast, no color, no b.s and most of all, no advertisements! We have some of the worlds best Surf Photographers contributing to make this digital magazine one of the best artistic/sports applications around.

    Inside you will find unfiltered commentary on just about everything, from religion to nose picking. all that nestled in with some of the finest surf photography and video on offer.

    Vol.1 contains the following:

    - "What would Jesus do?" a closer look at a overly thrown about phrase.

    - "Nihon Saiko" Riding huge swells in northern Japan.

    - "Reflections on Padang" a pictorial report on the people of Padang after the quakes.

    - "Your attention please" A look at the surf industry, consumerism and our place in the mix.

    - "Sequenced" an action sequence from one of the legends of surf photography; Sean Davey.

    - "The Shooting Gallery" some sick surf snaps from some great surf photogs

    - "Short Video" well it is in the name really.

    The magazine is layed out simply and clearly, optimizing your screen space with content rather then gimmicks.




    The first issue of Your Local Surf Magazine is here!

    We have some of the best articles, interviews, pics and video all loaded up into a highly interactive surf magazine experience!

    In this issue we have:

    Interviews with:

    - Sunny Garcia (Surfer)
    - Rochelle Ballard (Surfer)
    - Jay Alders (Artist)

    Plus we take a look at "The Saltwater Buddha" a fantastic book by Jaimal Yogis.

    Legendary surf Photographer Sean Davey, shares some sick North Shore bombs with us, including an incredible sequence from "The Eddie".

    It is here, it is fully high rez and very cool...get stuck in now!


    Thanks for taking a look!
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