A couple of questions about my G5 running Leopar

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by JohnnyAce1971, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Ok, First question. When I boot up my mac, If I go to activityu moniter there are two things that come up in red writing. 1 says Core Audio not resp. and the other says something about User Event. This also happens on my Powerbook G4. Thought it was my copy of Leopard, but tried another and it says the same thing. I can force quit them and they are fine until i reboot. Also, I dont seem to have an audio problem. I mean it still works. Any ideas? Second question. My G5 runs Debian on one HDD and Leopard on another with Yaboot. Can I partition one of the discs and install OS 9? Would that be a problem with Leopard and if all would be ok, would it show up on yaboot as a boot up option along side of OS X and Debian? Thanks for your time and help!:eek:
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    None of the Power Macintosh G5 models are capable of booting MacOS 9, but all can run MacOS 9 applications with the MacOS X "Classic Environment". Apple provides no support for the "Classic Environment" on Macs released after the Power Macintosh G5 series.

    i had a friend with a problem like that and he zapped the PRAM and it went away in case u dont know how to zap here is how u do it in the link http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379
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    Classic mode isnt supported with Leopard though. Oh well, was worth a shot. Also I zapped the PRAM and its still doing it.:confused:
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    Maybe your system log can tell you more, what I do most of the time when I have a problem I delete the system log and restart instantly, this way the system log is only recording the shutdown and restart.
    Your system log is in /Private/Var/Logs
    If not in Root you have to input your password to delete it.
    Try that and output the contents of the log here.

    Odd though that it does it as well on your G4 Powerbook, mine is fine.
    Maybe you updated both with a corrupt OS update, but that I think is normally out of question since Software update checks the downloaded files.
    Maybe you downloaded the update manually, then it won't check.

    First thing to do is this.
    What I recommend you is to download the latest OsUpdate file, It should be the 10.5.8 COMBO update and run that update again, maybe that will solve it.
    You shouldn't loose anything but it might be that after the update, you have to run Software update again to see if your newly updated 10.5.8 needs "new' updates, confused?

    Good luck

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