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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by juicyred, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Sep 23, 2009
    Alright guys, be gentle...I've been digging around the forum and Google trying to find the answers to my questions but no go. I even dropped by the Mac store here in Vancouver, and the little turd "genius" who I asked for help from couldn't be bothered to stop oogling women customers to fully answer my basic questions so I gave up!

    I still haven't made the plunge to buy an iPhone but I'm getting bloody close. Let's just say I'm contract phobic.

    1. Currently I have a regular old LG cell where I'm limited to 120 charaters per text. My phone does not have the option where it splits longer texts into 120 charater bites so if I need to go on for a bit, I need to write 2-3 messages and then send them one at a time. I text my girlfriend who lives in the UK alot. She uses a regular ol'Nokia. With an iPhone I noticed you can go on in a text message for miles...does this mean she'll get one big long message or will it arrive to her in chunks? in order?

    2. When texting to the UK, you are supposed to put the 011 before the rest of the phone number. I've heard that if you leave this first part off, you don't get charged international rates for the message - does anyone know if this is the case with an iPhone? Charges for international text messages are heinous.

    3. I'm travelling to the UK early next year - will I be able to use my iPhone while I'm there for simple web surfing (I would be with Fido) - I don't want to make calls or sent text messages.

    Silly questions maybe but I really appreciate the time people take to reply to us newbies.

    Thanks in advance fabu Mac forum folks!
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    1. It honestly depends on her phone. If I write a long message, on some peoples phones it's broken up, and on others it's on big message. It really depends. Same with receiving. Sometimes I'll get a huge long message from someone because their phone doesn't break them messages up. And from others , I get several messages from them if they send a long message.

    2. I imagine that depends on your carrier. I would think that it wouldn't matter what phone you used, if you didn't get charged before you shouldn't get charged now. *your milage may vary.

    3. You will probably get charged data roaming charges. I would unlock your phone if you are leaving the country and then just use a local sim with data included.

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