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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by billyjoegibsonx, Oct 23, 2008.

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    I'm new to mac! I've only been using OS X for 2 days now! I have two questions. In my user folder under the Music section i have all my music albums in it and i have loaded them into itunes, which then makes a copy into the Itunes folder. My question is do i NEED the ones in the music folder to play them in itunes or is that the idea of creating new ones in the itunes folder? i want to delete all the ones in my music folder but i'm just asking before i do so incase i have to load them all in again! thanks! :)

    My other question is. When i moved between spaces and moved items to the trash they made noises. like effects. Now when i do it, it doesn't make the noise. There is nothing wrong with my speakers however! Could someone please point me in the right direction to get the effects back ?

    Oh one more, are alot of people coming across over heating issues with the new 13" alum. macbook ?

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    May 9, 2008
    You can delete your music folder as long as iTunes copied your music into it's own iTunes Music folder. Make sure to organize and manage your music in iTunes only, don't mess around with the iTunes Music folder.

    The sounds are located in System Preferences > Sound

    Regarding heat issues, search the forums to see previous discussions on the new MacBooks
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    If the music is inside the iTunes library then you don't need it any other place. But remember iTunes was an option to copy the music or not. If the option was set not to copy then it didn't actually copy the file is is "referencing" them and you'd better keep them. Check if the files were in fact copied.

    I don't know about the sound effects.

    You say "over heat" that means the system has failed and is broken. "heated" is different. Yes of course the notebook will heat up.

    The engineers that design notebook computers, not just at Apple but anyplace hae only two way to coll a computer. They can use a fan to blow the heat out or that can conduct the heat to the case and let if radiate away. Both methods annoy the user/ Fans make noise and hot cases can be uncomfortable to hold. Balancing the two methods is a judgment call. I think Apple tends to prefer less fan noise and to use the case as a heat sink. I would not call this "over heating" unless the unit got so hot that if failed".

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