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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by lukeman3000, Jan 17, 2010.

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    1. If I want to take advantage of the upgrade eligible price for a 3GS, am I pretty much screwed as far as trying to get one with the older version of the bootloader?

    2. Let's say that I try out a tethered jailbreak for awhile and I end up not liking it. Is it possible to revert to the official firmware and not be required to run blackra1n again each time I wish to reboot?

    3. Will all my cydia apps that I have on my 3G work on the 3GS, or are there some compatibility issues? If so, where can I check application compatibility?

    4. If I decide to use a tethered jailbreak, and an un-tethered jailbreak becomes available in the future, will it be possible to upgrade?

    I have been thinking a lot about this because I want to get a 3GS, but I am upgrade eligible, so I don't want to spend $400 trying to get a used phone with an older version of the bootloader. I currently have a jailbroken 3G, so I guess I could just keep the 3GS factory and keep my jb 3G around for internet tethering purposes and just switch out my sim when I wanted to use it again..

    5. (unrelated) - What is the best application for internet tethering, both via USB and wireless? It would be cool if I could make my iPhone act as a wireless access point that my Nintendo DSi could connect to and get on the internet with. I currently use PDANet, but I have heard that it's not the best.
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    Or you could just wait 4-6 months and get the new 4G this summer for the upgrade price.

    Edit: Looks like you edited your questions after I responded to the original post.
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    I haven't even heard of the 4G, shows how much I'm in the know..

    I could wait, but do you have any idea if it will be capable of being jailbroken, either via tethering or not?
    The only reason I ask is because tethering (for internet sharing) is very important to me. If I couldn't jailbreak my 3G and do it, I would likely be using a different phone. Going into the 4G, I have no idea if that will be possible or not and I assume you wouldn't know either since hackers haven't got their hands on it yet... Unless there's something I don't know..

    So while I have no problem waiting, as far as I can tell, it might all be for nothing if it is difficult to jailbreak. Or, I may be required to wait another 6 months before it can be jailbroken.. Of course, the new 4G might support internet tethering, but I wonder if at&t is going to charge more for that feature than if one were to simply jailbreak and tether..
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    Nov 20, 2007
    I read it before I posted this topic. The only question that it answered was number 1, as far as I can tell. But I just wanted to phrase it in my own words because it's possible I mis-understood something. That FAQ somewhat addresses number 4 as well, but it doesn't specifically touch on whether or not it would be possible to upgrade to an un-tethered jailbreak from a tethered jailbreak or not. As far as I know, I would have to buy a new iPhone and jailbreak it with the hypothetical un-tethered jailbreak if and when it becomes available..
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    2 yes
    3 yes 3G and 3gs cydia apps are compatible.
    4 yes
    5 you can use the native iPhone tethering feature after you jb. It works thru USB wire and Bluetooth.
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    Nov 20, 2007
    Cool, I didn't know about native tethering. But unfortunately I'm still on 2.2 (lol), and native tethering won't help me as far as connecting my DSi to my iPhone for internet sharing goes. I would need an app that turns the iPhone into a wireless access point that the DSi could connect to; but I don't even know if such a program exists for the iPhone.
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