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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by chaosbunny, Apr 6, 2017.

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    What is Apple up to with the new "modular" Mac Pro. They spent time and money on developing the trash can and obviously it didn't pay of. They designed a machine for a niche market to be even more niche, therefore an exodus to Windows workstations followed, leaving the market right now maybe even smaller! They could just have trashed the trash can. Some people wpuld have bought iMacs and Mac Book Pros, others would have switched. Why spend time and money again to develop something for a smaller market than it was in 2013?

    There is a field of thechnology that's hip & trendy, but is somewhat in the stage that the mp3 player was before the iPod or the smartphone before the iPhone, and it requires gpu power that will not fit inside an iMac or Mac Book Pro: Virtual Reality

    A well equiped VR computer, expanded a litte bit more - "modular" - would also meet the needs of many creative professionals, while having a wow factor for others.

    A typically Apple awesome looking box with matching display and vr headset and some form of revolutionary ui that would benefit both work and play.

    It would be expensive at first, but most professionals would not mind, if it somehow meets their needs. Some pros might not get the peripherals and just connect their Eizo screens, but ut would be the hot **** to get. It would appear in movies and tv series, creating a must have effect for every self respecting hipster while it slowly gets cheaper.

    Just a thought I thought might be worth sharing :)
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    I think you're probably right. VR may very well be a driver and there is very little chance Apple is going to ship a "black cheesegrater", it's got to be something you can actually imagine being sold in an Apple Store. I think you're looking at some sort of bigger cyinder/cube/octogon with a slot and enough power for a big GPU. I'm sure Apple is looking enviously at the Corsair One as a VR-ready pro rig.

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