A few last questions before upgrading 2009 Mac Pro with a W3680

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DetroitRockCity, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. DetroitRockCity macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2009
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    I will be purchasing a W3680 CPU to install in my 2009 Quad Mac Pro. I just have a few more final questions before pulling that trigger.

    1.) I currently have 1066MHz RAM from OWC. From what I can see in previous posts, the 1066MHz will still work?

    2.) Is there anything else I need to prep for besides getting the 2010 Mac Pro firmware to work?

    3.) My Mac Pro still runs Snow Leopard. Should I update to Lion before I do this?

    4.) Lastly, lets talk SSD drives. My primary purpose for this machine is video editing in which my media is on internal HDs and firewire 800 drives. If I upgrade my OS drive to a SSD, but still use traditional HDs that have my media on it, will I see any speed increase?
  2. nanofrog macrumors G4

    May 6, 2008


    Not necessary at all.

    The system will boot and load applications a bit quicker. But applications won't actually run any faster as a result of an SSD.

    You'd need to address your storage system to make a real increase in speed. For example, you can move scratch space to a small, separate SSD, and move your primary storage to a RAID system of some sort (can offer both speed and redundancy).

    FW800 is too slow as a primary storage pool for your described usage.

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