A few MP4 video file conversion questions

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Hi all, these are not purely ipad questions, but did not know what forum was appropriate, so mods please move if need be.

    Both questions are related to movie files that I've ripped from my regular SD DVDs and from my bluray ones. I personally own the DVDs, and just wanted to watch them on my mac, ipad or smart TV.

    1) If I rip a bluray and convert it to MP4 to insert into itunes to play on my ipad, the ipad won't accept it since it is at a resolution of 1980 x 1200, so I have to reduce the resolution down to about 1280 x 800 for the ipad to be able to play it - but I thought the ipad 3 has a resolution of 2048-by-1536? Why would I need to reduce it when the ipad resolution exceeds that of the bluray disc?

    2) after ripping either an SD or a bluray disc, I've found that the volume after converting the files in handbrake to be extremely low, and if I play the move thru itunes on my TV the volume setting has to be near the maximum for the TV. Do I need to adjust a setting in handbrake to account for this when converting the file?

    Thanks for any assistance.
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    Aug 6, 2008
    Not sure on #1 but my bluray rips are usually at about 720p and work fine. Not sure what to tell you.

    #2 - You can adjust the gain, but I wouldn't go over 4-5 at the most.

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