A few n00b Qs re photo streaming to ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Azzin, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Hi all, having been bitten by the streaming bug with my Airport Express, I'm looking at Apple TV as a method of streaming the photos that are stored on our PCs.

    I don't need to stream movies (as I have a Popcorn Hour A200 for that), but I'm wondering if it possible to use an ATV in a similar way to my AE?

    By that I mean could my wife and I use our iPhones (Remote app) to stream the music that's on our PCs (which we do currently with AE) and the photos that we each have stored on our PCs?

    If so, do I need an ATV2 or would the original do?

    If we can do music and photos with an ATV/ATV2, then I may swap our AE in the living room for one and move the AE elsewhere in the house.

  2. gazpilot, Mar 5, 2011
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    Hey Azzin

    You would need to connect the Atv (1 or 2) to a tv set.

    Yes you will be able to stream music and photos to the apple tv's from your pc's and utilise the remote iPhone app.

    With atv1 you get local storage so don't need to have your pc's on if you have sync'd the media you wish to view/listen to. Atv 1 does not support AirPlay without jail breaking and it's unsure if apple are still supporting atv1 (software upgrades)

    Atv 2 will act like your express but will still need to be connected to a tv, you will be able to AirPlay from iPad,iPhone direct to the atv2. Atv2 has no local storage you can use un jail broken. If you jail break it you can install BBC iplayer and catch up tv,

    You will be able to create photo albums and choose which playlists will accompany them while playing the slideshow, you also get loads of transition effects on both models.
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    London, England.
    Hi Gaz. ;)

    ATV2 sounds perfect for what I want.

    I put it where the AE is and move the AE upstairs.


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