a few newbie Questions. I always wanted to ask.


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Feb 12, 2006
1. do I ever have to delete cookies or cache in a mac like with windows?
I use ccleaner for xp.
2. Does a Mac ever need adjustments to keep the speed up? Like defragment the harddrive.
3. Once I delete a file on a Mac I have heard that is gone for good and xx's cover up any trace of the contents of the file. Is this true? Like if I sold my mac would the new owner be able to look at my files?
4. if I upgrade to 2 gb ram will it open web pages faster?

Thanks for any input. I'm a super newbie. I have a 2.0 white macbook with 60 gb harddrive and 512mb memory.


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Mar 23, 2003
New England
1. It is up to you. I don't delete cookies, but once a month or so I clear the cache.

2. It does not "need" defragmenting. I use DiskWarrior to rebuild my directory on occasion. Usually once a month also.

3. Deleted files are gone for good if you "secure empty trash" or overwrite the deleted data. You can also zero or overwrite a drive using disk utility to be sure deleted files are gone for good.

4. Two gigs may be overkill. I have 1GB in my PowerMac. It will definitely speed up your system/GUI.