A few obscure issues with a factory unlocked Iphone 4

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Hi All,

    I bought the above as a present for my girlfriend and have spent a while trying to sort out a few features...

    1) There is no manual APN config. I found some sites (e.g. http://www.unlockit.co.nz/unlockit ) where you type in the APN details and the site downloads a little program to the phone. This worked for me (UK T-Mobile) but it seems a bizzare solution. Speaking to other Iphone users, it appears that at least some types of Iphone set the APN automatically (though in reality the vast majority of Iphones are used on contracts and are preconfigured) but sometimes this fails where users change the SIM cards around on an unlocked phone.

    2) There is no way to stop auto powerdown when the Iphone is in the docking base (the one which connects to the PC via a USB cable).

    3) There is no way to stop auto power down when certain apps are running. I bought and installed TomTom and sure enough that blocks the powerdown (IF external power is connected e.g. cigar lighter cable), but no other app does. The supplied Google maps doesn't block the power down so if you are driving with the phone, it just goes blank after the specified time. This should NOT happen if the phone is externally powered. (I had the same issue on my Nokia E51 but there is a download one can get which stops the shutdown if external power is on). Maybe there is a 3rd party app which stops the auto shutdown when external power is connected, but I could not find one.

    4) In some contexts (which I haven't worked out) one can end up with a photo, taken with the built-in camera, which cannot be deleted. There is a lot of stuff on google about this issue; a work-around is to use Itunes and sync, but there is no way to delete the phone from the phone itself (no dustbin icon).

    5) No way to set the Safari browser font. The system font setting works but Safari ignores it. The finger zoom works of course but this doesn't reflow the page. I know some websites don't work with some fonts but any simple website (take e.g. this one) will just reflow to any size font. This is very bad because a lot of older people cannot use the browser without reading glasses. The excellent LCD of the Iphone is largely wasted with such a stupidly limited browser.

    6) There are some issues with having multiple Itunes installations e.g. one at home and one at work. It is easy for a secondary Itunes installation to simply wipe out a lot of stuff off the phone. There appears to be no option to sync Itunes from the phone. How can one get around this? I don't want to lose anything from the phone. Looking around e.g. here it is fairly obvious (I am a hardware/software developer) that copying over certain files from the initial Itunes installation to the second one would do it. Where these files are I don't know but probably under Documents and Settings.

    7) A question: if the VPN is active, will every internet app use the VPN only? One would not want some apps to bypass the VPN socket and use the default socket connection, as can easily happen under windoze.

    8) While the Iphone itself provides an excellent clear interface for searching the Apple app shop, the equivalent facility in Itunes doesn't seem to work well. The search function on it is particularly useless. I don't know whether it is a config issue...

    Many thanks for any input on the above.
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    Sep 30, 2010
    No replies to this one.... I wonder why?

    After a few days I have worked out some of it.

    The APN config works automatically with some networks.

    The power-down is not inhibited when in the base, which is stupid.

    The Safari browser font cannot be changed, which is stupid.

    Itunes can be hacked by copying over all its workspace (found in 2 or 3 places under Documents and Settings) from one installation to another. But it still seems to detect being on a different PC and asks for an authorisation for the Apple shop, saying you can do this a max of 5 times. What a ridiculous opaque piece of crap. It also tries to sync bookmarks with IE (which I don't use) and email accounts with Outloox Express (which I also don't use).

    The Iphone is a very nice product but in some areas it is a triumph of style over substance, and is crippled in many ways which would have been easy for Apple to fix.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Quite true, in a word, iPhone is widely accept and popularized among many young people with little complaint. That's a huge success in some sense.

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