A Few Questions About Buying A Macbook Pro 17"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by owen29051992, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Jan 11, 2009
    hi, i have created an account here as this seemed like the best website to answer my questions, im sure you have answered what i am about to ask but after some searches i couldnt find anything!

    Basically, i will be hopefully buying the new 17" macbook pro which is to be released soon. it is £1,949 on the UK website with awesome student discount its down to £1,657, which is a good deal for the specs i think!

    so here are my queries:
    So - this will be my first mac purchase and i have done lots of research on transfering and i am familiar with OS X as i have used them quite a few times before. However, i am unaware of graphics cards and what they mean (9600 and 9400 etc.). I currently have a dell xps m1710 but its getting old (2.5 years), and after debating between the new xps m1730 and MBP i decided the MBP. the main game i will want to play is the sims 3 when it comes out next month. however, i am unsure of what do to in order to get in on mac, i understand u have to load it in boot camp. could someone explain this. i have heard 64 bit vista is the one to get?! how much would this be? and would it disrupt the performce of my mac at all? i have heard vista is a bit of a pain as i still have XP. other games wont bother me really except a few i will purchase for mac.

    also, will i have trouble with connections like my sony Hard drive camcorder or sony camera? they should just appear as removable disks yes?

    i also want to be able to use my mac as a media server with my ps3, as i do this with WMP11 on my dell, how would i do this on a mac?

    so is the mac worth the purchase? the 8 hour battery and 2.66ghz, 4gb ram is really intriguing! or would someone in my position buy a dell xps m1730 with 2.4ghz, 400gb hd, 4gb ram and better graphics..but the thing that annoys me is..its so damn huge!! its really thick, heavy and pretty ugly apart from the lights (i love the MBP unibody glossy design it looks so stylish!!)..so help please!!

    i think that is all i can think of at the moment, any help is appreciated!
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    Jan 15, 2007
    Ballymoney N.Ireland
    Hey Owen, welcome to macrumors! Its a great site where you can find lots of information and a great community behind the site! I will try to answer a couple of yours questions but not them all!

    I too am a student and i got a nice 15" MBP 2 years ago now for the well reduced price, are they still doing the apple care for £50 if so get it! i have had mine now for two years, the battery went in it once i got it replaced free off charge and the power cable became a bit wonky on it and was tempermental about charging and i also go it replaced! The apple care is really worth it for the three years for £50! Better safe than sorry I suppose.

    Bootcamp is a program that helps you to install windows on your mac, you basically run it and it partitions off your hard drive into a separate partitions where you can then install your windows OS. I am not entirely sure about how the games will run on it as it is a new system or if there are drivers for the dual graphics card, maybe someone with the dual gfx card unibody 15" can help you there! I always put off buying a mac due to the lack of games available for the mac! But now the times are changing and more and more are coming out, which is great news! However my MBP runs very very hot when playing games, so I tend just to stick to my desktop PC/PS3 for gaming. I again couldnt tell you about how the new boy will run!

    For using the mac as a media server to the PS3 the easiest way i found is using a piece of software made my nullriver its called medialink

    With your camcorders its depends how you will connect them if your relying on Firewire400 your out of luck. But if its USB you should be grand!

    If you want to know anymore give me a wee PM i will be happy to share with you!
  3. infernohellion macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2006
    The second last paragraph of you tells me that you're good with MBP 17".

    Welcome to the Mac world.
  4. dannomac macrumors member

    Mar 11, 2008
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    The other two Sims games both came out for the Mac. I wouldn't be surprised if EA releases Sims 3 for the Mac too.

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