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    Jan 24, 2013
    I'm using Mountain Lion virtual image on VMWare Workstation 9 for testing purpose until my new iMac arrives. I'm looking for firewall now.
    I can't find proper working cracked version of Little Snitch 3. I tried to install Hands OFF! but I'm getting some error (0.4.0. - something about installation wasn't successful and advise to uninstall application).

    After these paid versions I was looking for free solutions:
    1. NoobProof
    2. WaterRoof (NoobProof version for advanced users)
    3. IceFloor

    All of them are made by the same company. I don't understand difference between IPFW firewall frontend and PF firewall frontend.

    WaterRoof is IPFW firewall frontend:

    IceFloor is IP firewall frontend ("which replaces the outdated and deprecated IPFW"):

    Did anyone use some of these applications?

    Which type uses Mountain Lion? IPFW or PF?
    If type PF is more advanced and Mountain Lion uses it how does WaterRoof have support for Mountain Lion then?

    Thanks in advance!

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