a few questions about google voice, black swan and data usage on iphone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by einmusiker, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I am a recent convert to using google voice and it is really cool. I use it on my iphone 4 with the voicecentral app black swan.

    1. when I receive a text message to my googlevoice number, I receive a regular text message on my iphone 4. I assume his is because black swan is forwarding my texts or something. This is a very cool feature, but I'm wondering if those texts count towards my att text message allotment? if so I'd like to know how to disable that feature?

    2. when I call or text someone, sometimes I see weird numbers and I'm wondering if thats normal? like why does googlevoice have to call me back and is that counting towards my minutes? is the call going over data or is it over the regular att network?

    thanks guys and gals
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    i also jumped on google voice recently. So hopefully this helps and i didnt get it wrong.

    Forwarding google voice text to ur iphone4 will count towards your att text message allotment.
    You can log on to google.com/voice then under "voice setting" to disable forwarding it to your iphone.

    As far as i understand when u use GV to make calls it will count towards your minutes regardless.
    A way around it is if u list the GV "callout" number (the number you phone dials everytime u make a call from GV) under your A-List....then you will get sorta unlimited calling as long as u use GV.
    Also making international calls with GV is cheap =)
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    1. This counts towards your text allotment. In settings you can edit this phone settings to turn off sending texts to this phone. So, how then to know when you get a text? Chose, "forward to email" and have text messages sent to Gmail. You can respond right to that text from within gmail and it goes back to the persons phone. Free text messaging! Enable push email for gmail so you know right away when a text comes in.

    More advanced: get an app like Notifications or Boxcar. They provide an email address to forward any email to and they. Send you a push notification when it arrives. Set a filter up in gmail to auto forward and archive any email with "SMS" in the subject to this email address. Now you get a push message with the contents of the text message on your phone and gmail then archives that email. I use the notifications app. You have several options to respond to the text push. You can open it in the web app, or respond via email.

    2. There is no free calling. Gv calls you and connects the other person. Don't worry about that odd number you see. The other person only sees your gv number.

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