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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by wd89, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Sep 2, 2010
    1. If an app is removed from the Mac App Store (for whatever reason Apple decides!) and you don't have a backup of it - how do you install it on a new Mac? Will Apple keep a copy hidden from the "store front" on their servers so people can always click "install" in the purchase list or is it like iOS... once it's pulled it's as if it never existed.

    I ask that question because I noticed quite a few apps priced above £50 in the store and would obviously hate to "loose" an app at that price. I am so used to having the CD/DVD to reinstall software such as Office.

    2. How do you backup apps from the Mac App Store? I am used to backing up iOS apps through iTunes with the "Backup to Disc" facility. Do you just drag the app from the applications folder into a new burn folder and insert a disc. Can I upload the app to my iDisk?

    3. Not exactly a question but I need reassurance I guess. I have an iPod touch 1st gen and can no longer run most of the apps I paid for because I clicked the "update all apps" button in iTunes just after iOS 4 was released not realising that some developers chose to make their apps run on 4.0+ only. Am I the only person in this world to think that's unfair? It's the only situation I can think of where something you paid for no longer works because you're not using the newest "thing" to run it.

    For example, I have an iPod Hi-Fi. It no longer charges new models of iPhones and iPods like it used to with older models when you put it in the dock... BUT it still charges my 2nd gen iPod nano like it did the day I got it. The iOS 4 thing equates to waking up one day, putting my iPod nano in the Hi-Fi and Apple saying we're not charging your iPod anymore until you get the newest iPod Hi-Fi (I know they are discontinued now) but it's all I could think of. :rolleyes:

    My main concern with "question 3" is this...
    - You download Call of Duty from the Mac App Store and it's version 1.0 which works with Mac OS 10.6.6
    - As time goes by you update the app a few times and it's now version 3.2 which only works with 10.6.7 (yes, i know!)
    - 10.7 Lion is realised and version 4.0 of Call of Duty takes advantage of it so you update the app (why not? you took the time to update the OS so why not the game).

    - One day your Mac running 10.7 dies (it's possible) and you can't afford a new computer or to repair the dead one (almost certainly possible!) so you get the old Mac out that's running Snow Leopard and try to install Call of Duty ... but hold on! ... Apple says no cos it only works with 10.7 these days and you're now running 10.6 on your older Mac.

    (let's pretend the Mac you're using can't cope with 10.7 cos it doesn't have the right hardware... i know what you're gonna say - anything running 10.6 will run 10.7) BUT don't you think you should be able to install the version of Call of Duty you purchased on day one? (just like you would be able to if you have the game on a traditional CD/DVD)
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    Jan 20, 2011
    1. Apple stores your purchases on their server. On a new computer, or if you lose all the data in your computer, you can go back to the Mac App Store and redownload your purchases.

    2. There is no need to do it. See #1.

    3. I agree with you it's an issue. I have a 1st generation iPhone and sometimes some very basic applications are marked iOS 4.0+. For iOS you can follow these simple instructions:

    .. for Mac App Store, I don't believe there's anything you can do. This is the drawback of having cloud-based purchase tracking.
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    Sep 2, 2010
    Cheers for that link! I didn't realise the older versions of the app went to the trash. Next time, I'll drag them out into a folder "just in case" :)
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    This isn't true. If a developer removes his/her app from sale, it cannot be downloaded by anyone until placed back on the store.

    Further, any purchased apps that are removed from sale will disappear from your "Purchases" tab.
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    Sep 2, 2010
    Oh dear, this is why I stopped downloading music on the iTunes Store. I had about 100 songs to upgrade to iTunes plus but only about 60 showed in the upgrade list. When I asked Apple support where the remaining 40 were, they said the songs had either been removed or been modified (even a simple album name change to "deluxe version" on the store meant it didn't recognise I purchased a song from the album). They basically told me "tough luck", those songs can't be upgraded and you'll have to re-buy them to remove the protection and increase the bit rate.

    I have since moved to buying CDs only and ripping them in the Apple Lossless format. At least now I always have the best quality and will never need to "upgrade" when Apple tells me to.

    For as long as the software on the App Store is available to buy on CD/DVDs, I will always buy the physical copy.

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