A few questions about organising my iTunes library

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iRock1, Apr 27, 2014.

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    1) How good is TuneUp to automatically organise my iTunes library? Does it work with the latest version of iTunes 11? Are there similar alternatives?

    2) When I select a track and then press ⌘I, there are two fields in Track Number and Disc Number (# of #). Now, if I create a smart playlist with the rule Disc Number or Track Number is 0, iTunes will group all the tracks whose first field is empty. However, I want to group all the tracks whose second field is empty, no matter if the first one is filled or not. So for instance, I want to detect all the tracks with the following metadata, Disc Number: 1 of [empty]. How to do so?

    3) I want to detect all the tracks that contain album artwork with a rectangular form (for example 600x500, 300x301... basically anything that is not a square). Is there a way to build a script for that?
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    1. It works well enough for me, I've not really thought about organizing my music, I just let iTunes do it.

    2. No idea

    3. Not that I know of, you're asking something pretty specific that I don't think scripting is set up for.
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    What do you mean by letting iTunes organize your music? It doesn't do anything by itself (that's why I think apps like Tune Up may come handy sometimes).
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    By default iTunes copies files added to iTunes to the iTunes media folder and renames files based on their metadata, if key metadata fields such as artist/album title and song title are modified then the file is renamed.

    The relevant options are available on the advanced tab:
    Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized
    Copy files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library

    When you use an automated tag editor such as Tuneup you should consider carefully exactly what you want it to do and test it out on a few folders first. For example some tag editors are good at identifying songs but not the correct album - is this important to you.
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