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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ashjamben, Dec 6, 2009.

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    so i'm trying to get a nice studio environment in my house and want a couple of extra things for controllers for doing mix's on the fly rather than messing around with automation.

    first thing first abit of advice. i need a new midi controllers, as my cheapo oxygen has conked out on me. i'm thinking of getting either a novation remote sl25 compact or an m audio axiom 25. i'm more geared towards the novation as it's a little cheaper and the automapping is a nice feature, with the display.

    also, i'm after a nice knob/fader midi controller for ableton live work. my research has brought up the uc33e and the behringer bcf2000. both have their pros and cons, i think i prefer the behringer unit but so many people swear by the uc33e for ableton work it's hard to ignore it.

    basically here's what i want advice on, the novation midi keyboard can out quite a few years ago, is namm 2010 gonna be a time novation release it's replacement? or has the nocturn kinda already done that? also, same kinda situation with the know/fader controller. the behringer has been out for nearly 4 years, so is probably due an update, should i wait? also, the uc33e has been discontinued, but i know some places online that still have stock of it. should i get it quick or wait/get something else? apparently the x-session is m-audio's uc33e replacement, but that isn't my cup of tea.

    any advice on those would be great.

    also, one more question. if i have more than one MIDI controller hooked up to my macbook will there be any conflicts? i've got midi on my interface, and a powered usb hub, plus obviously usb ports on my macbook, is there any 'best' way to hook stuff up. i know my audio interface should always have it's own dedicated usb port, but not sure about midi controllers?

    any help on that would be much appreciated.

    thanks for reading
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    Other than the Oxygen (mine broke too), I don't own any of those controllers, but you shouldn't have any conflicts plugging them all in at the same time. I use a KX8 and an MPK as my keyboard controllers. I also use V-Drums as a drumset controller at the same time.

    You can set all controllers as Global (they all play whatever patch you have selected) or you can assign a channel to each so they can play different patches (Oxygen = Piano, Novation = Bass, etc)

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