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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RustyMac, Apr 28, 2008.

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    Mar 21, 2007
    I have some questions and concerns. I had recently purchased a the top of the line MBP from the Apple Store (Hi-Rez 17" 2.6Ghz). This is my second one with issues with the screen (dark shadows and yellowish tint). I know there has been crazy amount of discussions about this issue and I am not here to add to the compliants (I hope). I am having the guy at the Apple store look at this one too. So here are my questions.

    With the rumors that have been going around about a new design for the notebooks, when will we see these new design (realistically speaking)?

    Also, my fiance purchased the Black MB and it seems to be a more sturdy machine with no screen issues. The keys are nicer to type on and seem stronger. When I attach my external 2.5" hardrive on my MBP, I need to add addition power (USB power cord) to run. On the Black MB I don't need to do this. Also when I open and close my MBP it make a noise in the hinge and is not as smooth as the MB. I also love how easy it is to open the Black MB instead of sticking your finger nail to press the tiny, slim button to open the MBP.

    I am thinking of returning the MBP and just using my fiance's Black MB and waiting for the new design but not sure if this is crazy. I did spend $3600 for the MBP and feel that this is crazy money for something that keeps having issues.

    Would a Black MB with an external 24" Hi-Rez screen work for Graphic design (print & web)?

    Lastly, now with this new speed bump on the iMacs, they make my MBP look, well you know. I could purchase both an iMac and MB for less money than the MBP.

    What are people's thoughts on this? Please go easy on me.:)
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    Jan 23, 2008
    No one can truly say when the next MBP revisions will be released, but speculation has them at or around the WWDC in June. Best guess would be sometime between June and September, though that's not a guarantee.

    As for whether or not the MB can do the job you need...that's tough to say because I don't know exactly what you will be doing. Your last suggestion about getting the new iMac and a MB for less than you paid for the 17 inch MBP has some validity. The biggest shortcoming you will find with the MB is the integrated graphics and inferior (by comparison to the iMac and MBP) graphics card. The new iMac refresh provides a very powerful machine with an excellent graphics card. It should prove much more useful for power intensive graphics or video work than a MB would. One potential downside, though, (aside from the mobility aspect, of course - it's not portable!) is the iMac is only available with a glossy screen. If you had a matte screen on the MBP, that's a non-starter issue.

    Ultimately, you will have to balance your needs on this. I have a 15" MBP with no screen issues (knock, knock) so I cannot speak to your situation directly.
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    Sep 4, 2006
    I just recently sold my Mac pro that's on my sig and happy to see the money back into the bank account, since I dont even use more than 20% of the mac pro's full potential.

    Anyways I bought the 2.5Ghz mbp and I'm in the same situation as you are and thinking about returning the mbp (which has 0 issues except that the charger's led green light doesnt come one sometimes but still charges the notebook fine) but since June isnt that far away I might exchange the mbp + take the $240 restock fee and exchange it for the lowest mac mini and wait until june to get the newer montevina mbp...

    I would get the macbook as it would be fast as the mbp minus the gpu which isnt that big a deal for me BUT I do want firewire 800... if only the macbooks had fw 800 then I would get one.
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    Mar 11, 2008
    I've purchased two 17" high-res machines. One had to be exchanged because of defective DVD drive, the screen was fine. Also seen two other machines in stores and none had the issues you speak of. I'm very particular about screen and have given up on the 15" model for this round due to poor screen quality I've seen. So a couple of comments.

    1.) I don't know how many laptops you have had, but in your original post you sounded like you expected an absolutely perfect screen (totally even illumination). While I would like that also I've never seen that on any laptop. I've seen some that were close but never any perfect. For example one 17" I have looks fine straight on but it you view it at a 30 degree angle you will see shadows in the illumination. So it's close enough for me, but if you demand absolute perfection you will never find it.

    2.) Guessing about Apple revisions is a losing game. You will never get it right. However, since the 17" LED just came out I suspect even if there is a complete case redesign the next rev will have the same screen.

    3.) I've never heard anyone think an MB has better quality than a MBP. You can get individual variations but in general I would say the MBP is definitely higher quality. The need of the MBP for power on the monitor is I believe due to the fact it support the dual-link DVI which the MB doesn't. Hookup each up to a 30" monitor and see what happens.

    So the MB might be better for you, only you can judge. But I would say that your views of the MBP don't seem to match most. I've had almost all these models and I would say the MB is a good computer. But I think the screen quality on it is the worst of all the current Apple laptops available and I'd never get it instead of the MBP (or even a MBA) unless lowest cost was my primary concern.

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