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    Hello guys,

    I've started my own company a few weeks ago and because I'm only a student I want to use standard software (Pages) and my own printer to make some promotional printouts to make sure it doesn't get too costly. Now I have a few problems:
    1) When I want to make a flyer in Pages I can't find a way to make it possible to print 2 flyers on 1 piece of A4 paper. I thought that it would be possible to select 2 copies on one page (in the layout section, when I select print). I've looked it up and on the MacRumors forums and it's said that it needs to be done this way, so... what am I doing wrong?
    2) Is it possible when making a brochure to print some kind of tiny line at the folding spots, because now it is sometimes hard to fold the brochures correctly, and it takes a lot of time folding 200 brochures this way.
    3) I use the standard templates for my promotional printouts, but sometimes the colors are not exactly the way I like them, is it possible to change the background colors of some "parts" of the template? I.e. I use the 'elegant' flyer and there is a green part at the bottom left, which I don't fancy too much. It would be great if I could change it to gray or something...

    I'm using the newest version of Pages, in combination with an HP Officejet 8500A plus. The paper I use is 135g/m2 color copy coated glossy paper.

    I hope anyone can help me with my "problems". Thanks in advance!
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    Patience, Koning......

    First..... create an account over at the Apple Support forums, and then do some searching there. They have forums there that are dedicated solely to iWork and the technical expertise is higher there than here..... MacRumours is a lot more fun.... but for technical questions I head to the Apple Forums. And I caution you.... search first - they do insist on a certain degree of self-help there.

    1) Not sure what you are trying to do here..... are you trying to print two smallish brochures side by side on single sheet of paper? If so this is easy. One way is to create each brochure separately, with the paper size set to the brochure's size - not A4. "Export" each brochure as a PDF. Then create a 3rd document on A4 paper. Simply drag each PDF to this new document and line them up. Now you have a new document with both brochures.

    You can create a single A4 document with sections/columns etc to create the two brochures simultaneously.... but I find that way a bit fussy.... but that's just my personal opinion.

    The other advantage of creating the brochures separately is that if you get a reprint order you can drag that PDF and another (new order perhaps?) PDF to a new A4 sheet.

    2) Yes. Yes the Shapes (top of the Pages window) to create line. Use the Graphics tab in the inspector to make it very very thin and light grey. If you go too light it will show on the screen, but won't print. If you hold the shift button when you spin the Rotate button (Metrics tab, Inspector) you will get.... well just try it....you'll see what I mean.

    3) Yes. This is done through the Inspector. You're just going to have to read the Help the files, since it will be different depending on which element you are working with.

    Finally.... once you have a document set up just the way you want it, and if you think you will work with this format again..... you can "Save As A Template". This is a very powerful feature for what you are doing. As an example I created a 4 fold brochure (from Pages 3 fold template) onto a longer piece of paper. I can save this as a template now and reuse it next time instead of having to futz around with creating a new 4 fold brochure next time I need it.

    Good Luck.

    Read the manual.... you will find it amazingly helpful.

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