iPad A few questions (JailBreak + Springtomize + iPad 3):

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Sowelu, Jul 6, 2012.

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    To make a long story short, with all the iPad 3 display issues that I’ve had (uneven brightness, color tinting/shifting, and yellow/green/dinginess), I decided to Jailbreak my new (finally) evenly backlit iPad 3 so that I can use Springtomize’s custom gamma settings.

    The result is amazing. After just bringing the ‘green’ gamma down a few notches, my bright and evenly backlit/toned but somewhat yellowish and dingy iPad 3 display now looks cooler in temperature with more vivid color and with bright whites and accurate greys.

    So, since I am fine with all other iPad default Apple settings, I am only using JailBreak to use Springtomize. But I have a few questions and concerns now that my iPad is running Cydia:

    - Will every Apple iOS release be a hassle? Will each release break the JailBreak?
    - Does the developer of Springtomize update the app fairly quickly after each Apple iOS update?
    - Even though I am only using the gamma settings feature in Springtomize, will this app (or Cydia lying dormant) cause any instability on the iPad?

    Thanks for your help – I want to be sure that going the JailBreak route to remedy my display issues is going to be worth it.
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    1) NO/Yes, No, updating to a new iOS is simple, Yes an update will break the jailbreak.

    2) Yes

    3) Springtomize was know to cause some instabillities with other jailbreak apps as well as modest battery drain. If you only use Sprintomize i think it will cause you no real problems.
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    really battery drain? i have never noticed one on my 4s or ipad 3rd gen. Nor heard that...

    i did a quick search on google for battery drain with springtomize and on two threads came up..

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