A few questions (okay, many) about Apple TV and Time Capsule

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by someone28624, Sep 24, 2008.

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    I'm thinking about getting an Apple TV and a Time Capsule.

    I'd get the terabyte Time Capsule. Is it possible to partition this and use 1/2 of it as Time Machine backups, and the other half just as an external hard drive?

    Further, is it possible rip DVDs directly to Time Capsule and get them on Apple TV? Or do I have to have the drive accessed by a computer, and then stream to my TV?

    Stuff can stream off of a computer to Apple TV, right? So what is the difference in the hard drives? If I can stream stuff off my computer or Time Capsule, why bother with the bigger hard drive size? Is it just so that things can be accessed locally if my network goes down, or we decide to take it on a trip with us, or something?

    Another question, we have a Windows desktop and a Macbook. Could we stream stuff off of both to our Apple TV? Can Apple TV access things from more than one computer, or Windows at all?

    And finally, can Apple TV replace our DVD player? Can I play a DVD on my Macbook and stream it to Apple TV?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm planning on doing the same. I just picked up an EyeTV and I'm looking at getting a Mac Mini and a Time Capsule to complete the whole system.

    Unfortunately not. :apple:tv accesses iTunes, not individual HDDs. Your computer must be on for your content stored on your Time Capsule to be streamed to :apple:tv.

    Yes, you can stream from both computers. Just register each computer's iTunes into :apple:tv and you're in business.

    I wish. The technology definitely exists, in fact it exists within Apple. The MacBook Air can stream from another computer's DVD drive. Unfortunately, you can't do it with :apple:tv.

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