A Few Quick Winterboard Questions

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Agent 21, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Jun 27, 2009
    1 - How come A lot of themes don't preview in Cydia? I'll click for a screenshot (or "more info") and where the preview should be it's just a blue square with a question mark in it, like when there is a flash or mpg video you try to watch in Safari. Seems odd that an entire "application" (Cydia) that is made 100% for the iPhone would have things not compatible with the iPhone.

    2 - Are some themes not compatible with the 3GS/3.0? There have been a few things I've tried that just haven't worked. Most things so far have worked fine but I've tried a few different SMS themes and when I activate them in winterboard then go check my SMS screen it's still the default white backround with green/grey chat bubbles. I don't even know what the theme is supposed to look like, as I have the problem I mentioned in question 1 when trying to preview them, but they are called "surfs up SMS" and "surfer SMS" themes so I'm assuming there should be some waves or something, but nothing changes.

    3 - Is it possible to make (or does one exist) a status bar battery icon that is blue, but blue ALL the time? I found a few but one is only blue when the charger is unplugged (it's green when the charger is connected), and the other is only blue when you go into an app. When you're on the lockscreen or the springboard it's silver (like the default battery). I'm looking for one that is always blue (or preferably blue when full, then red when down to 20% and less) and shows the charge icons when plugged in.

    4 - Is there a good website to view a bunch of themes? It takes too long in Cydia since you have to go through like 3 pages just to view a screenshot that most of the time either doesn't show up or just shows one view instead of all the details. Plus there doesn't seem to be a lot in Cydia (at least by going to themes under "sections"). If there is a website (or websites), how to you get those themes onto the phone, download 'em to a computer then SSH?

    Thanks for any info
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    Jun 16, 2009
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    I'm off to search on stuff like this, but if anybody has some free time and feels like posting the answers here directly, that'd be awesome, too. :) I finally worked up the nerve to jailbreak this morning and am SO excited to tweak everything I possibly can. That was one of my favorite things about my 2 Blackberries, how easy it was to customize everything about them using programs like Plazmic. I really hope that someday Apple decides to make things that easy for us!
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    Jul 13, 2009

    Here are some answers
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    Not really, it's linking to the developers site that the developer listed when they asked to have their package put on Cydia. If the dev didn't take the time to make an iPhone friendly page, that's their fault. :)

    Of course. :) Mainly many keyboard theme won't work since there was no landscape keyboard for Mail, SMS, etc. Apple may have changed the file names from 2.x to 3.x hence the "old" themes may not work. You could always browse your iPhone for the possible files and rename your downloaded theme files accordingly. :)

    Sure, you could certainly make your own or edit an existing theme to make it look how you want.

    I've seen a few yeah, some were linked in these forums. What did Google, Search, MRoogle bring up? Personally I just make my own themes, nothing too complicated tho. :)

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