A Fill In The Blank Editor Now Available on iPad 2

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    This isn't a new app, but it is a significant update. A Fill in the Blank Editor's purpose is this. I have been in classes or lectures where the presenter will hand out an outline to go along with the presentation, or a teacher hands out some document, but it's a 'fill in the blank' document, and I don't have a pen or pencil. With this app, you can snap a picture of the document, or access it if it is already in the camera roll. There are areas to type all over the screen. You just pick an area close to the blank, advance cursor to the right to line it up right, and type away. The update to 2.0 does the following:
    * Fixes major bugs with printing and saving.
    * Cleaner looking UI with toolbar.
    * Made to a universal app to be compatible with the iPad 2.
    * Now saves as a PDF instead of a .jpg.
    * Access all saved documents within the app.
    * Print from the initial editing screen, and email after you have saved it.
    * Change the font size by either enlarging or shrinking by increments of 1 to more closely match the document's font.
    Thank you to all who have purchased in the past, and for their patience as we made improvements to the app, and keep the reviews coming!
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