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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by emulajavi, Sep 18, 2014.

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    I really hope someone at Apple can read this, because I like iOS 8, but I think iOS 8 (and also previous versions) makes it really impossible to manage large collections of photos (1000+). I think half of the work is done, but the most important part is missing.

    The main idea is very simple. In a person’s device there are 2 types of photos:
    - Photos TAKEN with the device’s camera
    - Photos SAVED from Mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, iMessage etc.

    Normally ‘taken photos’ have a lot more quality and are more relevant since normally when you save a photo from an app, that photo is compressed and they are usually not important photos. It is essential to have those 2 types of photos separated because in collections of thousands of photos, normally ‘saved photos’ get messed between the ‘taken photos’.

    I think all problems will be solved if:
    - For the Photos tab: SAME AS NOW. all the photos of all the devices are shown. Perfect for at a glance view of all.
    - For the Albums tab: ADD AUTOMATIC ALBUM CREATION (like now happens with ‘Panoramic Photos’). Two things required:
    o Two Toggles inside Settings->Photos saying:
    • § “Enable automatic album creation” with a description: “Enable automatic album creation for Taken Photos and Saved Photos”.
    • § “Create one album per app” with a description: “Photos saved from Mail will be added to a ‘Saved from Mail’ album, from iMessage to ‘Saved from iMessage’, etc.” (if this toogle is not turned on, all Photos saved from apps will all simply go to an album called "Saved photos"
    o When you delete a Photo from an album, the photo is deleted from EVERYWHERE (where everywhere means iCloud Photo Library and the Device’s memory).​

    This simple addition would make the now pretty tough task of looking for a photo between thousands and sending it to a friend a lot easier and faster. Also will make it all more organized and let people work with smaller amount of photos.
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    You should really send it to Apple through their feedback system then
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