A Glimpse at How the Apple Watch is Made

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Kermy, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Cool, but it all seems to be based off of the March 9th keynote. Anyone can watch the entire keynote on Apple's site; the videos about the manufacturing process are toward the last 5-10 min or so.
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    Thank you for posting the link. It's helpful to have the videos "narrated" by someone with a good background in manufacturing.

    If this interpretation of the videos is correct, it goes quite a way toward explaining the prices for the SS watch and link bracelet, which some laymen are calling obscenely overpriced.
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    The article goes into much more depth than the videos. As someone with no experience in machining, I found it very fascinating to get more explanation of what was shown in the videos.

    Kermy - Thanks for the link!
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    It's interesting to compare this with how a Chinese knock-off watch is made.

    Apparently there's going to be a lot of steps involved no matter what, including CNC, blasting, polishing and lasers.

    From the advertisement for the Chinese "AIWatch", a popular device with GSM cellular capability that sells for $130:




    The "sand brasting" is my favorite part.
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    Yep! that is the way most products are made in industry. poured, forged, machined, and polished. it is the same when a crankshaft is made. As for CNC machining once you do the setup, run and test the program the machine does the work. All you need at that point is an operator to change our parts and watch for blips in the machine or program. I see it every day. What I don't see every day is a watch that could be fully compatible with my Iphone. Now that is impressive :D

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