A good apple fotos replacement app?

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    I'm sick of "fotos" I use a nexus 6p and have a desktop pc and I can't believe in order for me to transfer fotos from my macbook to my phone for example I have to drag the fotos to the desktop and then copy them to it , also there's no way to transfer complete albums? Does the app even support raw?

    Could you recommend me an app that does all I want and that also happens to look like an app made in 2015-2016 ? I find that to be the problem sometimes , I find a good app like swimsian ( a music player) but it looks like something out of windows XP.
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    anyone? :(
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    I am not doing much photographing and don't know anything about Android. But I found some nice apps for my iPhone and Mac. I not really tried them that much or at all.

    There is a good ratet app called PhotoSync for iOS to transfer photos wirelessly to a Mac or PC. I don't know if it also exists for Android and if it can copy whole albums. I did not try it yet. But because I don't like photos too and got it for free instead of paying €2.99 I once installed it. It's in the Mac App Store for free and you require the iOS (and maybe if exists Android) app for it to work.


    (Edit: Looks like you need an iPhone or iPad, I don't see Android mentioned there in the Mac app)

    On my iPhone I have Camera+, what had also been the free app of the week a while ago and normally costs €2.99. Great app. It can manage the photos by itself in it's "Lightbox" (I think it's called so) where you can store them in iCloud (Drive?) or directly import it to photos and has very much options what to do with the photos. Here I also don't know if it exists for Android too.

    At least I know it is able to make uncompressed TIFF-photos in 4K. Is that the same as RAW? At least Photos on the iPhone and Mac is able to do the same with those uncompressed photos as with the standard camera apps format.

    (Edit: seems also to be iOS only) http://campl.us/

    A nice light-weight Mac app to manage your Photos what I wanted to test is Growly Photo. It's free and looks a little like iPhoto, but you can store your photos wherever you want, without some library file.

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    but your USB (on the Android) to act as a drive.
    Then when you plug in your Android, it will appear as a USB drive and you can pull the photos that way (also access to other parts of your phone)
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    Take a look at Mylio. Great for synching images. Works on multiple platforms, and free to use below a certain number of images and devices.

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