A good way to get a free iPhone 5?


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Nov 21, 2010
iPhone 4S owners are getting pretty desperate locally to get rid of their phone.

I am considering offering to trade my White S3 in return for an iPhone 4S 64Gb. Then when the new iPhone comes out trade that 64Gb version for a new 16Gb version.

Anyone else considering doing this? It's just the right time to do it I think. Locally the prices have dropped a lot whilst S3 has retained their price in my area.


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Mar 20, 2004
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I've never understood the fascination of swapping phones like trading cards

Moving from one phone to another to another
Back and forth from iOS to Android
Makes my head spin

I wish you well, and hope you end up a phone you like
But sounds like you will switch again when the next new phone comes out


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Sep 6, 2011
Phone swaps/sales happen everywhere, including Facebook selling groups.

I'm frantically trying to sell my iPhone 4S 32GB on Gumtree in the UK and I've just finally managed to grab a couple of buyers.

Sent off an invoice, we'll see what happens from then.

Many were selling at £450 a few days ago, but it seems the market has gone into post-announcement scramble (I left it too late) and I've had to settle for £400.

Which is okay, I suppose, seeing as I got the VAT knocked off before and picked it up for £500 instead of £600.


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Jun 17, 2012
s3 is 149$ with a 2yr contract here in u.s., so its dropping its value too. Htc one x was 160$ last june and its offered 49-99$ here on sale with a 2 year contract cos s3 came out. If samsung releases the new note, s3 will drop its price some more.