a iphone5 LONER from AppleStore question

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    thank you for viewing my post.

    when ios8 came out a few weeks ago, i upgraded it on my iphone5 and it turned it into a friggin BRICK :(

    So I brought it into AppleStore and they could not save it. So, they gave me a loner iphone5.

    My plan was to use the loner until I got my iphone6 +.

    So I went back to the same Applestore yesterday to pick up my Iphone6 + which I have fallen MADLY in love with, but they didnt say anything about my iphone 5 loner.

    So here's my question. Do they just forget about loner phones?
    and or, can I just sell my loner phone on CL or Ebay????
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    AFAIK, if you went to the genius bar then you would have to talk to the genius bar and not the sales rep in regards to the loaner phone. As I understand how it works, while your phone is in repair service and you absolutely need a phone, they will loan you a phone. Normally I believe they would contact you once your phone has been repaired, and you would have to come back to the genius bar and let them know that you received a call or e-mail that your phone in repair has been completed and ready to be picked up. You would then return the loaner phone.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but they have you sign a paperwork for loaning a phone. When I was at the Genius bar the other day, one guy in across from me had the option to loan a phone while his phone will be in repair. Genius had a form for him to sign but he chose not to loan a phone.

    I heard that if you decide to keep the loaner phone, they can charge you for it.
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    It doesn't belong to you because it's a loaner. If you try to sell it, you're a thief.

    A short while after you activate your new iPhone, Apple should be in touch with you if you haven't returned the loaner yet. Activation ought to trigger the retrieval process if you're still in possession.

    Save yourself a headache and just take the loaner back to the store. Enjoy your new iPhone. :apple:
  4. allthatjazz macrumors regular

    Jun 22, 2011
    So you're asking if you can just steal it?

    People get a complimentary phone and they decide to weasel their way out of it. Wow...
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    When people start keeping and or selling the loaner phones , one of two things will happen. Apple will stop lending loaner phones or they will require a 200 or 300 deposit for loaner phones. No one wins..
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Loaner phones are always beat up. Who would keep it? lol

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