a.k.a. Version 3.0 Now Available, with Social Sharing!

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    DEJOware is pleased to announce the availability of [app]a.k.a.[/app] v3.0.1 This major update adds social-sharing (tell the Twitterverse, Facebook friends, and other social circles what your new name is), Facebook friends picking, two new name-types (Drag Queen and Blues) and lots of other useful additions.

    a.k.a. is the very popular and free name generator app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Based on a few bits of personal info, a.k.a. is able to generate a new name for you or your friends/family in the following categories:
    - Pirate (male and female)
    - Jedi
    - Stripper (male and female)
    - Soap Opera (male and female)
    - Mafia (male and female)
    - Fantasy (male and female) including Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Human, Orc, Troll and Undead
    - Spy
    - Rapper
    - Superhero
    - Wild West (male and female)
    - Ninja
    - Wizard (male and female)
    - Drag Queen
    - Blues

    ... with more types planned!

    a.k.a. has been downloaded by over half a million people. Are you one?

    PLEASE NOTE: a.k.a. version 3.0 has been optimized to only run under iOS 6+ and will not work with older OSes.

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