A little annoyance with 10.9.1


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Oct 14, 2008
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Does anyone experience where their Mac apps, such as Preview, Quicktime, Page don't close soon after you close the last windows of the apps?
It used to do this even in 10.9 and ML, now the light indicator shows that the app is still running after all windows are closed, requiring manual cmd+Q or right click-quit.
Just a little annoyance, wonder if anyone else experienced this :confused:


Sep 16, 2013
this is how macs have always worked

closing windows doesn't equal closing app on os x since the beginning


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Jan 26, 2008
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I remember this feature was introduced in Lion? or ML? In order to conserve power when the app is no longer used.
It worked before, so I don't understand why it stopped :confused:
There is a few third-party apps which actually work like this - they quit when the last window is closed. However it has never been the case for any Apple app (or any app that sticks to Apple User Interface Guidelines in general). Want to quit an app - quit it. Want to close a window - you close a window.


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Jan 4, 2014
OP, first make sure that System Preferences > General > "Close windows when quitting an application" is still selected, if you haven't done so.

Also imporant: What do you do after you close the last window? Do you proceed to do other things on your Mac, or do you just sit there / leave?

The Apple apps that quit immediately when you close windows are usually (if not all) ones that only have one main window in the first place. Think System Preferences, Notes, and DigitalColor Meter.

On the other hand, the apps that you listed should quit when you (1) close all windows and (2) interact with another app (by clicking on the Desktop, clicking in a window of another app, etc). The idea, I suspect, is to allow you to interact with the menu of the app (create a new file, open a different file, etc.) even after you close all windows.
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